Sal Randazzo

AppBuddy proposed trade show panel version 2 design.

AppBuddy GridBuddy Overview design.

AppBuddy Midwest Dreamin’ 2016 pull up banner proposed design #1

AppBuddy Midwest Dreamin’ 2016 pull up banner proposed design #2

GE ServiceMax Field Service Management data sheet design (through TechWorkers).

GE ServiceMax French Gas & Oil case study design (through TechWorkers).

Cutera product family brochure proposed cover design.

Cutera product family brochure proposed cover design.

Accura Precision folder design. High technology metal fabrication design.

Fortinet Data Sheet Photography guideline. Guideline for the appropriate usage of Fortinet product images for the various data sheets.

Fortinet Tech Exchange direct mailer design.

Fortinet Corporate Overview brochure design.

Fortinet FortiADC™ D-Series data sheet design.

Fortinet SDN Solution Brief design.

Fortinet 5X Next Generation Performance home page banner design.

Fortinet FortiRugged home page banner design.

Fortinet Equinix Protect the Hybrid Cloud home page banner design.

Fortinet proposed home page banner designs.

Fortinet Connect and Secure Retail NRF digital signage designs.

Fortinet Product and Solution Guide.

Minert Architects logo design.

Xilinx Configuration Solutions logo design. Xilinx offers a wide range of configuration solutions for Xilinx FPGAs and programming solutions for Xilinx CPLDs and PROMs.

Sunfish Media logo design. Logo for creative copywriting services.

Builder Emporium logo design. Supplier of building materials and safety gear for construction professionals.

Xilinx 1532 Engine logo design.

Xilinx chip debugging icon design.

Builders’ Exchange of Santa Clara County logo design. Construction association since the 1890s in Santa Clara valley.

Aztechnology logo design. Circuit board designers.

Xilinx Memory Tool Kit logo design.

Square Root Software logo design.

Xilinx Alliance Program logo design.

Hansen Medical Sensei brochure design.

Hansen Medical CoHesion data sheet design.

Hansen Medical IntelliSense data sheet design.

SI-BONE iFuse product sell sheet design.

Xilinx proposed brochure cover design.

Xilinx Bernie testimonial booklet montage design. Testimonial booklet montage depicting the 2 for 1 stock splits in Xilinx company history.

Xilinx brand Identity graphics standards: ISE software packaging design.

Xilinx brand Identity graphics standards: Xilinx development kit box design.

Xilinx Virtex-5 LXT FPGA Gigabit Ethernet Development Kit package design.

Xilinx Virtex-5 TXT graphic

Builders’ Exchange Compensation Council renew direct mailer: Direct mailer design to remind BECC members it is almost time to renew their memberships.

Marvell Semiconductor FLC+MoChi Data Book cover design.

Marvell Semiconductor Corporate Profile final and proposed designs.

Sal Randazzo Design Happy Holidays card design.

Instagram: frutiger_type_dream_no3

Infinera JP Morgan race t-shirt design.

Infinera Canada Recruitment 2017 flyer design.

Infinera Dark Fibre Access web banner design.